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igus® test laboratory - Applications with high number of cycles, speeds and accelerations in demanding environmental conditions require tested and proven, sure-to-function systems especially for energy chains and cables, as well as polymer plain bearings and linear systems. igus® regularly conducts tests at its own laboratory under realistic conditions. Every year, we conduct more than 2000 tests on e-chains® and cables, and over 5000 tests on slide bearings. The focal points of our tests are push-pull forces, friction, wear, driving forces and abrasion under widely varying conditions and speeds. Influential factors like soiling, weathering, cold and impact are examined.

Our laboratory is at your disposal, we are happy to do an individual trial according to your specifications.


Another look at the igus® test laboratory

Examples of test certificates and seals of approval for igus® products

igus® quality is proven. In conformity with ISO 9001:2008 standards - the implementation of which is regularly assessed and certified - igus® has been operating a quality management system for many years.
Here you can find some examples of our certificates and seals of approval. More are available on request.

ISO 9001  
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

igus® is certified in the area of energy chains®* with cables and assembly as well as plastic plain bearings according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008.

TS 16949  
ISO/TS 16949 : 2009

igus® is certified in the area of energy chains® with cables and assembly as well as plastic plain bearings according to ISO/TS 16949 : 2009.


iglidur® A 290 is harmless in contact with food materials as per BfR (formerly BgVV) recommendation.


The iglidur® and igumid materials are tested for their constituents in accordance with 2002/95/EC (RoHS).

DESINA - Distributed and Standardized Installation Technology

chainflex® cables are manufactured according to the recommendation of the German Machine Tool Builders-
Association (VDW) for the standardization of components, interfaces and connecting systems.

DIN EN 682 - Gas resistance

iglidur® G and iglidur® H2, following DIN EN 682, are resistant against gas and liquid hydrocarbons. iglidur® G fulfills the requirements of "major and minor sealings for the cold and hot water area" (only applicable to special type iglidur® G KTW).

IPA clean room

Numerous igus® products have been granted the best possible classification - ISO Class 1 - by the IPA Fraunhofer Institute.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval

The materials of iglidur® A200 and iglidur® A500 have the approval of the United States health authority, FDA.

ESD- & ATEX applications

The material igumid ESD in gray color has been offering safety in explosion control and against electrostatic charge since June 2002.

TÜV checks types

The construction type of igus® e-chain® and E-Tubes are checked by TÜV.

if Design Award

Since 1987, 26 igus® products have been honored with the if Design Award.

red dot design award

In 2006, drylin® SHTS won the red dot design award.


igus® e-chain® made of igumid ESD conform to, according to PTB (Physikalisch-Technischer Bundesanstalt), the classification EX II 2 GD as per ATEX-RL 94/9/EG.


chainflex® cables are manufactured according to international standards.

TÜV noise test

igus® e-chain system® is convincingly low noise. In the TÜV acoustic lab and at the igus® GmbH, various energy supply systems were compared.

UL material approval

All igumid materials for e-chain® and E-Tubes have a UL material approval.


Approval of the Verband deutscher Elektrotechniker


Approval of the Canadian Standard Association.


Approval of the Commission Electrotechnique Internationale.


Approval of the Customer Equity

Supplier of the year

Number one position for the igus® GmbH. Supplier of the year 2004 at ThyssenKrupp MetalCutting.

Certificate for the promotion
of young talents

For its sustained dedication to training, igus® was awarded the certificate for the promotion of young talents by the German Federal Employment Agency in 2006.

Training at igus®  
Accredited training company

The German Chamber of Commerce adjudges igus® as a recognized training organization with "outstanding achievements in vocational training".

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