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CFU honeycomb strain relief: strain relief within seconds

80% faster (compared to CFX strain relief) strain relief for different cable types in different chambers, fully flexible, with strong holding strength and easy assembly.


When used in e-chains, the CFU honeycomb strain relief saves time, increases flexibility and reduces material wear thanks to its tribologically optimised clamping strength. Different cables can be strain-relieved without problems in one layer.
Harnessing is simple, fast and flexible, cables can now be replaced easily. Due to the special structure, cables with diameters between 2 and 17mm can be fixed quickly.

Honeycomb strain relief CFU  
Product feature:

  • The CFU honeycomb strain relief is openable on both sides
  • Strain relief can be screwed in from above or below
  • Enables strain relief of different cables in one chamber
  • Black anodised aluminium rails with side recesses for easier assembly
  • Compact design, which is smaller than the mounting bracket of the e-chain at the upper end, meaning it can also be used for long travels

Honeycomb strain relief CFU  
All the advantages at a glance:

  • Modified tribologically optimised honeycomb design for even higher holding force
  • New side sections for assembly and disassembly in seconds
  • Strain relief of different cables in one slot
  • Simplified parts
  • Ideal for short unsupported applications
  • Can also be used at the FE for long travels as the CFU's upper edge is lower than the chain surface
  • Can also be used at the FE in the guide trough

Part No. Bi
 CFU.V. 100 по запросу 
 CFU.V. 125 по запросу 
 CFU.V. 150 по запросу 
 CFU.V. 175 по запросу 
 CFU.V. 200 по запросу 
 CFU.V. 225 по запросу 
 CFU.V. 250 по запросу 
 CFU.V. 275 по запросу 
 CFU.V.64.40.300.25.01 300 по запросу 
 CFU.V.64.40.325.25.01 325 по запросу 
 CFU.V.64.40.350.25.01 350 по запросу 
 CFU.V.64.40.375.25.01 375 по запросу 
 CFU.V.64.40.400.25.01 400 по запросу 
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Honeycomb strain relief CFU sample  

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