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Chainfix strain relief systems: Clamps

Strain reliefs for e-chains® with clamps and pressure elements

The clamp system as a strain relief for igus® e-chain systems® has proven itself well. Clamps are a suitable strain relief for all e-chains® with KMA mounting bracket and C rails option

igus® clamp: black painted steel c
set screw: black steel
igus® clamp stainless steel: bare, material 1.4301
set screw: bare, material 1.4301
Press, double, and mating trough: igumid G


Can be integrated in KMA mounting bracket


For one, two or three cables on top of each other


Space-saving through reduced installation height


Long service life for dynamic applications.

Delivery programs and materials

Clamp steel: Clamp and set screw black painted steel

Clamp stainless steel: Clamp and set screw: blank (material 1.4301)

Pressure elements: Press trough, double trough and bottom saddle (material igumid G)

C profile: Available in steel (galvanized steel) or stainless steel (1.4301)

Features of the igus® Chainfix clamp product range

igus® Chainfix reduces the overall height due to optimum housing height

Long service life for dynamic applications due to improved pressure elements

Integratable in KMA mounting bracket, by which:
- Space- and time-saving installation
- Delivery of complete systems with cables and mounted strain relief possible

Improved base for better mounting on the C profile

Good readability of part number and marking of the correct installation direction

Good visual effects due to black housing body and black threaded setscrews

Easy to assemble due to set screws screwed in with hexagon socket

The long load-bearing surface of the pressure elements improves the stability of the clamp.

The high rigidity of the pressure elements remarkably increases the operational safety.

Integrated ribs on the pressure elements prevent the cable from slipping out of the strain relief.

Assembly video CFX clamp in chain

Delivery programs
Chainfix clamp  

Single clamps, double clamps, triple clamps, incl mating and double troughs.

Chainfix clamps stainless steel  
CFX clamps

Single clamps, double clamps, incl bottom saddle and double troughs.

Clamps with wide base for increased retention force
Chainfix clamps steel  
CFXL clamps

Single clamps, double clamps, triple clamps, incl mating and double troughs.

Chainfix clamps stainless steel  
CFXL clamps

Single clamps, double clamps, incl bottom saddle and double troughs.

Multiple clamps
Multi-clamps (steel and stainless steel)

Universal strain relief - compact and modular

Standard C-profiles  
Standard C-profiles

For all igus® CFX clamps and KMA mounting brackets with C profile housing option

C-profiles Heavy-Duty  
Heavy-Duty C-profile

For all igus® CFXL clamps

Chainfix offers reduced installation height through set screw and optimal housing height

Overall height

When the e-chain® glides on itself in long travels, the screwheads of the strain relief need to have a minimum distance of 10 mm to the upper edge of the e-chains® at the fixed end. This restriction means that it may not be possible to use all strain relief elements here at the fixed end of long travel e-chains®. Our clamps with threaded screws specifically designed for low installation height, reduce the installation height by up to 15 mm compared to conventional clamps. For unsupported e-chains® strain relief elements can be safely used.

Assembly video CFX clamp

Please note:

The cables should be ideally fixed on both ends of the e-chains®. In any case they have to be fixed to the moving end of the e-chains®!

In the application of chainfix clamps on C profiles in the mounting bracket for Series 280, 2828, 290, 2928, R770, R7728, a shortened mating trough has to be used.
Part no. for that is: CFX...K (add the letter "K" to the Part no. mentioned above)